What we can do

One-stop Software Development

Mobile Apps.Website Design.Online Systems

SmallHubs offers one-stop software development services, from frontend to backend, including iOS and Android system mobile apps, websites, and other IT-related services. We design a customized product for each of our clients.

Mobile Apps

We are experienced in developing all-rounded iOS, Android and Windows mobile application. We develop also 2D/3D mobile games which suit iOS and Android system using Unity cross-platform game engine.

Website Design

We provide responsive web design supporting cross-platform usage, such as, computers, tablets and mobile devices. We set up keywords to optimize our clients’ website. Improve the site’s ranking in the search engine, increase the site’s click-through rate and thus the exposure of our clients.

Online Systems

We build online system such as purchase management system for fair exhibitors to retrieve customer’s request simply and directly. It shortens the back-and-forth time and eases the procedure for manufacturers to make business with their potential clients.


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What we have achieved

Our Achievement

Funding Schemes and Awards

We have already gained several supporting funds and awards, the Cyberport Creative Micro Fund, the support from IncuApp Program offered by Hong Kong Science Park, the Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge Award, and the Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund from the Good Seed Program.

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